Legal Contracts & Protecting Your Online Publication - Shared screen with speaker view
Keryn Means
GOT QUESTIONS? Put them here for us to address at the end!
Rebecca Joy Bingham
She is SO RIGHT. I got held hostage by a site producer. Cheap on front end; $$$ at the end.
Keryn Means
I’ve had someone try to slip in that I couldn’t work with ANY other transportation companies for a year!!!
Evelyn Kanter
Sev potential sponsors contacting me don’t want disclosure - what is best way to handle that?
Mary Bergin
Years ago, I did a lot of “work for hire” writing for About.com, a brand that no longer exists. Does that mean copyright reverts back to me? Also, I just want to make sure that I heard correctly: Unless there is something in writing that says otherwise, I hold the copyright to text and photos produced as a freelancer?
Julie Kessler
Easy to copyright books with the feds, but what about when article content (word for word) is stolen then pasted to a website and the host site originates in a developing country? I did a story for T&L that months later was cut and pasted to a POS website in Papua New Guinea. Other than sending a C&D letter (they don’t care). Suing isn’t realistic.
Mary Bergin
Any red flags if we take video clips of a destination and post it on a blog? What if those clips are of, say, street musicians or a chef?
Mary Jo Manzanares
If they don't want sponsorship acknowledged, they may likely be buying links in a post rather than wanting a a truye sponsorship.
Carolyn Ray
Do disclosures pertain to affiliate marketing as well, eg if you publish an article that includes affiliate links?
Julie Kessler
what about where there is no association with the US????????
Julie Kessler
I am also a lawyer, they do not care.
Jody Halsted
Clarification on affiliate links in an article if there are also non affiliate links? Do you have to put the disclosure in mult
Katherine Bernardi
Generally speaking, what are rates for lawyers doing your kind or work?
Carolyn Ray
Very helpful thanks!
Mary Bergin
Thank you - very useful information, Jamie!
Katherine Bernardi
Thank you. Very helpful.