NYSAE Engagement Lounge: Virtual Programming - Shared screen with speaker view
Stacey Courtney, MLA & NYPCMA 2020 Pres
Sorry - have another meeting. Thanks - great info!
Landree Bower - CEW
Do you have a structure or topic for each hangout room? Or leave it open?
Linda Selvin, Appraisers Association of America
Agree, I think the breakout rooms are a great idea for sponsors and networking
Laurelle Jno Baptiste - Vocalmeet.
I agree that breakout rooms for sponsors are great. Important to provide online recognition for the sponsor and encourage your membership to sign up for the breakout rooms.
Is anyone locked into a contract? I can’t cancel because the virus should be over in July and hotel will let me know if June if they think otherwise.
Judy Sanford Guise "I Love Problems"
I think we now have to wait until the hotel cancel us.
Lois Miller-L.D. Miller & Associates
Lise, you will likely have to wait it out, but can try to push it back later
Karyn Bennittt American Pet Products Association
What is the best platform to have a virtual town hall style meeting with 4-5 panelists where participants can ask questions. I can provide more details unmuted. Thank you.
Holly - NYSAE
The right counsel, yes, is to wait it out. Hotels and CVBs WANT YOU, they don't want to lose your business...
Diane Neustadt - FHFG
agree about the breakout rooms for sponsors. as an attendee they can choose which one they want to attend based on the content and those attending will have common ground when it comes to discussion. Then of course the vittual happy hours are a welcome way to just be casual and connect.
Victoria Potente
"Communicable Disease Insurance" - any more info on that to look into? Thanks
Linda Selvin, Appraisers Association of America
Thank you, my apologies I need to get on a conference call. Enjoy the weekend
Marilyn Buerkens-Assoc for Business Communication
Wishing we might move a 400-PAX October academic conference in San Diego to October 2021/22/23, but hotel doesn’t want to talk to us until Aug. Our PAX, from universities are faced with likely lasting travel restrictions. I hope hotel may eventually come to table & let us postpone. It would be a win-win as they would end up making more money and we would not get stuck with F&B, plus attrition.
Gary Weinberg, DM Pros
Question -- I'm on the Board of the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts -- Does anyone have input on keeping your audience and gearing up when the time comes?
Kate Nammacher
Thank you all. I have to hop off early but appreciate the info and discussion!
Judy Sanford Guise "I Love Problems"
thank you, everyone, for sharing your situations, remedies, ideas, etc.
James Brannigan - NYSAE
we'll be sending a follow-up email with a survey and link to register for next week's event on Membership and Membership Value. Keep an eye on your inbox for that, and register for the discussion here: https://kellen.zoom.us/meeting/register/vJApdOGsqzwsC-DZgu_r89lcUR9hu_tlgA
Thank you all! Very helpful.
Melissa Torres, IEEE Communications Society
Thank you - very helpful - glad I am not alone
Melody Moore Henriquez, Boston CMC
Thank you everyone! As a supplier, it is good for us to understand what our customers are facing, and to be tuned in as well.