Pitching Our Stories and Ourselves in a Time of COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Damon Brown
At the end. You can use the Q & A button on Zoom, next to the Chat button
Kristine Hansen
I hear birds and it makes me happy! Maybe at Robin’s?
Jennifer Billock
I thought those were outside my window and just now realized they’re coming from the Zoom audio… hahaha
Jack El-Hai
use q & a
Jennifer Billock
That was a great angle, Damon. It’s a fine line right now between writing about travel in a helpful way at the moment, rather than writing about travel accidentally rubbing salt in the wounds of everyone collectively
James Cafiero
One silver lining to the pandemic is that it's giving us all an opportunity to think more deeply about what we want from the future and from our careers as freelance writers.For example, I know there are a number of writers like me who have developed satisfying careers specializing in highly specific niches (in my case, personal finance) and we don't necessarily want to stop writing about those things -- particularly since that's the kind of writing that pays the bills and gives us significant financial stability. But many of us also want to use this opportunity to expand our specialties or dip our toes into more creatively satisfying writing.How do we deal with the branding problem of having multiple selves and multiple identities as writers?Branding ourselves as specialists in a lucrative, in-demand field is crucial for attracting bill-paying clients. But have some writers with freelance writing "day jobs" managed to find a way to also brand themselves as, say, creative writers, essayists or critic
Melanie Padgett Powers
To Damon’s point, I reached out to a past association editor who rarely uses me because her freelance budget is so small. Turns out she was so overwhelmed right now with so much work that she wanted me to write a major story. And she is paying $1/word, which I asked for, which is more than she typically pays. She was so thankful I reached out.
Kristine Hansen
That’s a great story, Melanie! Thanks for sharing. Proof that it never hurts to reach out.
Carole Hawkins
One thing to consider - I had a writer friend who was contacted by a past tech company client needing content. Certain types of content clients may not need help right now, but a few are very busy. Like in the tech (think cloud) space, and in healthcare industries. Healthcare especially needs to put out a ton of messaging right now.
Kris Herndon
A travel writer friend of mine is working on a piece about recreating your favorite destinations at home. Cuisine, movies, etc that evoke the destination you had to cancel etc. Just a thought!
Dawn Reiss
I already have editors asking for more evergreen, non COVID stuff.
Jennifer Billock
Same for me, Dawn. That was actually something we talked about in my Teleconnections appointments - getting away from COVID coverage to something longer lasting and more entertaining, for lack of a better word
Debbie Carlson
Not for me. It's really all Covid stuff still.
Melanie Padgett Powers
I’m fascinated by the “what will our world look like?” in a few months, after a vaccine, etc. I think there are so many angles there for our various areas.
Sandra Yin
Yes, what will the new normal look like?
Margaret Littman
I am finding it tougher than usual to get sources on the phone post-pandemic. Particularly small business owners who are scrambling. I have sold a few pieces that then have fallen through because of source issues.
Holly Koenig
That's Jack's wifi....
Dawn Reiss
Thank you !
Jennifer Billock
thanks much!!
Debbie Carlson