NYSAE Engagement Lounge: Budget Implications and Keeping Our Staff Informed and Engaged - Shared screen with speaker view
Alexandra Owens AFP-NYC
That sounds AWESOME!
Donna Pacheco
My network connection is not that great so I may drop off. Will there be a recording of this available?
James Brannigan
Hi Donna, yes all of our sessions are recorded, you'll receive more info about that in the follow-up email :)
Holly Koenig
oh wow -- i'm working there!
MARY Jakubowski
I have to jump off in 5 mins...I wanted to hear about budgeting, so if you can share that after the call, would appreciate it.
Sarah Tielemans
As someone who doesn't drink for religious reasons (and finds that creates stress and tension in regular networking/team building situations) perhaps there are significant reasons why your staff member hasn't told you what their favorite wine is, Valerie.
Laura Fredricks
Happy Friday everyone! I have a call at 11:30 be safe and Healthy! Valerie Cammiso - my biz partner is Malvern Bank so I'm sure we have some synergy here! Contact me at: Laura@ExpertonTheAsk.com!
Teresa Evans-Hunter
I did something similar with my staff, I sent them a package from packed with purpose, two different teas, a notebook and chocolate. My staff doesn't drink, just me
Diane Neustadt
I wrote down the wine tip too. that was awesome Valerie
Holly Koenig
Joseph is next!!
Karen Erbacher
Weds 4/22 is Professional Admins Day. Sending some food treats to your admins might be an idea...
MARY Jakubowski
I have to leave now, this was great...stay well and safe1
Holly Koenig
We're going to switch to my favorite topic after Joselph -- MONEY!
Jessica Hughson-Andrade
I have to drop off for another call- thank you for the wonderful ideas, everyone!
Gary Weinberg, DM Pros
Fixes for eye strain -- (1) eyedrops and (2) glasses with blue tint designed for reading computer screen.
Holly Koenig
So that we don't talk over each other, please let me know in this chat function if you're ready to share, thanks!
Lori Sales
Hi Holly, there's also a raise hand feature, you can see an ic0n for who has their hand raised.
Holly Koenig
Thanks, Lori! Yes, but it sort of pops in and off :(
Jeremy Wilcox
I have one thing to add
Holly Koenig
Jeremy, you're on next! Thanks for sharing!
Ria Davis
Has anyone applied for a Paycheck Protection Program SBA Loan or an Economic Injury Disaster Loan/Emergency Advance?
Joanne Rencher
Holly, I have a few thoughts to share...
Judy Sanford Guise
I’m a trustee of an organization that applied for 3P and whatever else is applicable. we have govt grants and are mandated to provide services. so our options are limited.
Jacqlene McAllister
We are applying for PPP. The loss of revenue from our conference in June while employing all staff during this we hope we will be able to get it. Waiting to hear from our bank on applications status.
John Eusanio
Holly - i can share from audit and accounting firm perspective if interested
Holly Koenig
Thanks, John. I have a question first and then you..
Emma Guest-Consales
My husband has a small business and applied for PPP. It looks like the banks are so overwhelmed they're not being processed in time.
Joanne Rencher
Other ideas on the people side re: savings: redistribute your pool set aside for merit increases and use it more creatively for 1) employees who may be hurting 2) talent you can't afford to lose. Another idea is to look at what positions can lend themselves to job sharing
Theresa Engler
Ria - my association did apply for SBA however were told yesterday the funding is depleted but our bank is keeping application and will continue in order received if more funding becomes available.
Victoria Potente
SBA: hopefully the gov expands funding soon for banks to deploy more :)
Ria Davis
Thank you for your input. FWA applied for a PPP and still waiting to hear from our bank. Lots of intricacies re interaction of PPP, EIDL, payroll tax credits, employee retention grants, etc. Very confusing for the Board.
Theresa Engler
Thanks for all the great ideas for team building and keeping staff motivated. Financially I've been adjusting staff responsibilities to keep staff who don't have much to do at this time (ie. accts receivable) employed and contributing to our workflow. It's working well for now.
Theresa Engler
Goodbye everyone - stay safe and healthy!
Emma Guest-Consales
Thank you, everyone, These meetings are inspiring!